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Meet the Team 

Exceeding Expectations One Person at a Time

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Roger Hoyte 

Clinical lead / Senior Psychotherapist

I am a Psychotherapist with a passion for helping people overcome their difficulties and live happier lives. I have over ten years of experience as a psychotherapist and I am registered with UKCP (UK Council for Psychotherapy) and AFT (Association for Family Therapy).


MA (Master of Arts Degree)

 Family & Systemic Psychotherapy from the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust, which is one of the leading institutions for Psychotherapy training.

MSc (Master of Science Degree)

Child, Adolescent & Family Mental Health from the Metropolitan University.

BSc (Bachelor of Science Degree)

Psychology from Birkbeck University London (UCL)

Specialism include

Eating Disorders, Anxiety, Depression, Couples therapy, Family therapy, stress management, relationships difficulties, Parent/child relationships, developing positive self-identity (more information)


I have worked in various mental health settings (NHS and Private) successfuly helping people recover for Eating disorders, depression, anxiety and other mental health difficulties. I provide a wide range of therapeutic services including individual psychotherapy, couple therapy and family therapy. My desire to help others has allowed me to approach therapy from a non-judgmental, caring and supportive position and to provide a therapeutic service that is individualized to the person’s needs. This is reflected in the way I work and my approach to therapy.

I have supported people’s recovery for anorexia, binge eating disorders, bulimia and other eating disorders. I believe that recovery encompasses the physical and psychological and I have a holistic approach to recovery which includes exploring all aspects of the person’s life that may be having an adverse impact on them.

I have also supported people in their recovery from anxiety and depression both within the child and adolescent population and within the adult population, helping people to develop coping strategies and patterns of behaviour that allows them to manage their anxiety and to improve their mood and live happy lives.

I believe that it is important for clients to feel comfortable during the therapeutic process and understand the importance of a good client/therapist relationship. At the heart of my clinical practice is someone who is caring and compassionate and understands the importance of creating a safe space to explore feelings and emotions. I am adept at helping clients explore and navigate relationships within their family and the wider society and also helping them to explore their relationships with food and eating and explore the unhelpful patterns that they may have developed. My therapeutic work is collaborative with clients to help them deconstruct the factors that impact them emotionally and to support them in developing the emotional resilience to manage complex situations and emotions.

Meet the Team 

Exceeding Expectations One Person at a Time

Reading To Your Dog

Senior Associate Psychotherapists 


Our therapist are qualified, experienced Psychotherapist who have all trained at leading training institution in the UK. They are trained in individual and couples therapy and have experience of working in the NHS and in private practice  


We are a small team of experienced Psychotherapists, consisting of the Clinical lead and senior associate psychotherapists. The team has a wealth of experience and have all worked in various settings within the NHS and in private practice. We work with people experiencing a variety of difficulties, including eating disorders, anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties and family difficulties. We understand the importance of developing a good therapeutic relationship with our clients and creating a safe comfortable environment that allows our clients to engage in therapeutic conversations. The company's ethos is to provide a quality therapeutic service and all of our therapist have signed up to our ethos .

At R Hoyte Psychotherapy Services we offer a combination of online and in person therapy. We are located in Central London and our office is easily accessible from anywhere in London.   




Here to help You find happiness in your life

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