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Anxiety and Depression

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Anxiety and depression seem to have increased over the past two years. We have all had an extremely difficult time having to worry about our own health, our love ones, our relationships, our jobs, our finances, and other worries. These worries were intensified during the lockdown and has been causing difficulties in people's lives. At R Hoyte Psychotherapy Services ( we have seen an increase in young people and adults presenting with anxiety and depression.

With the highly publicised reports of racism, misogyny, homophobia and the persecution of some religious groups in our society, not just by members of the public but by some members of the police force (recent reports on comments made by some police officers on whatsapp), we have begun to fear the very people who at there to protect us. How do we live with these increasing fears and anxieties and how do we navigate them in a way that allows us to hold on to our happiness and not let our anxieties overwhelm us?

We live in a society that tells us "to keep calm and carry on", but what meaning do we make of this. Does this mean we should suppress our feelings and pretend that we are ok. this statement will have different meanings to different people and depending on how we make sense of the messages we receive, it will either help or hinder us in our daily lives.

There comes a time when we need to seek help to manage our fears and anxieties. There comes a time when we need help from a professional. Seeking help from a Psychotherapist can help us,

  • to make sense of our lives and the world we live in

  • to learn to navigate our various challenges in life

  • to improve our relationships and have more meaningful relationships

  • to reduce our fear and manage our anxieties

  • to improve our low mood and depression

  • to reconnect to our happiness

Visit R Hoyte Psychotherapy Service ( to learn more about psychotherapy and see how it can help you live a happier life.

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